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"When life gets blurry, Adjust your focus"


Thanks for stopping by!


My name is Amanda Kaye Delgado. 

Raised in Las Vegas, NV but currently in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve always loved photography and design, but my life has been on different career paths. I've always found my way back to the arts. If it was graphic design, photography and or even sports.


Undergrad in Graphic Design, Go Ducks! Experience from Student Athlete, to Coach, to Marketing Director, to Freelancer, to Photographer to Visual Storyteller. 

Which hat do you need?

I talk a little too much, laugh uncontrollably and smile often. If you can't find me shooting behind a camera, you'll find me shooting a basketball. Competitive mind that looks for a challenge, looks for creativity, and looks for inspiration. 

Doing what I love still makes me feel giddy and excited to see the final product. 

Let's create your story.

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